Unicorn Easter eggs gift wrapping ideas

Unicorn easter eggs in line

Hi everyone! This weekend is shaping up to be a beautiful, sunny, and warm Easter weekend, here, in the UK! What have you guys been up to in the first spell of heat in 2019? Perhaps a short break? Family time? Or is t a stay-at-home and enjoy a little quiet time sort of weekend? Whatever you’re up to, I hope it’s a good one!

I work in Education so I’m in the middle of my Easter break 🙂 This last week has been about relaxing, lie-ins, a couple of sessions at the gym and we also had some guests staying with this week too.

Today’s post has been in the works for a couple of weeks but I just haven’t been able to sit down and finalise it. So, I am sitting in my craft corner after a day of shopping and indulging, finally getting a little work done 🙂

So Easter Sunday is tomorrow. Although I don’t celebrate the religious aspects of this weekend, I do like to indulge in the chocolate eating aspect of this occasion 😛 And this year, I have been getting crafty with Easter Gift wrapping ideas to share with you.

Back in March, I came across an amazing display of Easter craft materials and props in Poundland. I mean, just take a look at what was on offer in their easter craft section:

Poundland easter craft materials 2019

Does anyone else shop at Poundland for your craft material? I LOVE their gift wrapping and kids’ craft section. I keep finding pretty good quality wrapping paper from there too!

These goodies got my creative senses all fired up with Easter gift wrapping ideas.

Unicorn easter eggs 2019

How adorable are these Unicorn Easter eggs? They’ve taken centre stage on my Easter gift wrapping!

As it’s Easter Sunday tomorrow, maybe you still have some easter gifts to wrap, so keep reading to see some of my ideas:

Easter eggs basket

For this idea, I upcycled a basket that originally held palm dates 😛 I’e collected a few of these baskets over the last few years and you will hopefully see them popping up in some future projects too.

To recreate this gift basket you will need:

  • A small basket
  • Green coloured paper/tissue paper for the ‘grass’ – I used two shades of green
  • Mini pom pom decorations – Chicks and sheep (I must admit, these sheep have comical facial expressions when you look at them closely :D)
  • Unicorn Easter egg decorations
  • And most importantly, some chocolate easter eggs or any other small treats you would like to give to someone.

Pound land is just one place for these craft materials, I do also tend to shop online for crafty goods too. I’ve included some links for your ease, if you prefer online shopping.

Shredded green paper and basket

Shredded 'grass' in the basket
  1. Firstly, I used an electric shredder to cut the coloured paper into tiny strips to resemble grass. You can just cut them into strips if you don’t have access to a shredder. Alternatively, you can purchase shredded green tissue paper.
  2. Then assembled the ‘grass’ inside the basket.
  3. In the next step, it’s up to you how many of the decorations you’d like to use. I’ve gone for just one Unicorn egg decoration and a couple of the sheep.
  4. Finally, add your sweets or any other treat you’d like to give.
Easter gift basket with unicorn egg decor

Now your Easter basket is ready to give someone a lovely little surprise on easter Sunday.

This really took no time to put together at all. The only time consuming step would be cutting the paper if you don’t have access to a shredder. You could even have a go at making this as a last minute Easter gift on Sunday morning!

Easter gift topper

Easter chicks and nest gift topper

Another super quick gift wrap to assemble. I used this lovely pastel pink striped wrapping paper to initially cover the gift.

Then added two of the cute pom pom chicks and a nest of eggs as an Easter inspired gift topper.

Gift wrapped jar

Easter is a great time to give a fresh pot of jam or chutney as a gift. or to keep in with the theme of everyone favourite sweet treat, how about a jar of homemade chocolatey nut spread?

I’ve paired a star printed gift wrapping tissue with a bright green ribbon to wrap this jar. Then added one of my Unicorn easter eggs with glue dots.

You could play with lots of colour combinations to match or contrast the four coloured unicorns in the pack of 4.

Easter gift ensemble

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