My top 7 craft organisation and storage solutions

Overall photo of craft trollies and tiered cart

So if you read my previous post, you will see that I had a big overhaul of my creative space. While organising this area, I tried to use some storage solutions I had already but also wanted to purchase some key items to do the job properly.

Here’s a run down of my top 7 craft storage solutions:

1. Craft storage trolley

When I was looking for ways of making a clean and organised work space, I really wanted a solution that looked professional and sleek, with plenty of drawers. This Oypla storage trolley fit the bill perfectly! Its sleek drawers blend in nicely with the silver frame and the silver button handles are abeautiful final touch!

The trolley was shipped out to flat-packed so I had the pleasure of assembling the whole thing in my craft room. If, like me, you don’t fancy reading pages and pages of a manual before using an item, the clear assembly diagram included with the trolley is just the thing for you. The diagram clearly shows which sections fit together and the appropriate screws for each section.

There is the option of using the trolley with or without the wheels – I decided to fix the wheels to make it easier to move the trollies around.

I liked the trolley so much that I ordered two of the same to organise majority of the craft materials!

Once i settle into a working routine, I have plans of making a card with details of what’s in each drawer. Initially I thought about using labelled stickers, then felt the labels will take away from the current look of thetrolley.

I’m using the larger drawers for keeping all the materials for specific projects I am collaborating on. For example, I have a Twine and Clothespin picture display products available for purchase through a Simple Picture Hanging – The wooden pegs, natural twine, picture pins and packaging for each order are all in one big drawer.

2. Small parts organizer cabinet

This White/Grey VonHaus cabinet set has 6 large drawers and 20 smaller drawers. Forme, it has been perfect for storing ribbons, lace off-cuts, elastic strips,washi tape, gift tags and some pompom accessories.

You could use it for organising almost anything with small parts. How about for Jewellery making accessories? The small drawers would be a great size for different beads, earring hooks, necklace clasps, thread, needles etc.

Or perhaps you’re looking for a way to organise small DIY tools, nuts,bolts…Then I would highly recommend using this storage organiser. Whats more, the seller has the options of cabinets with more than 30 drawers too!

3. Tiered storage cart

I have used this tiered storage cart with mesh baskets for keeping coloured paper and card.

This item also arrived flat-packed. And the assembly couldn’t be more simple! The two sides can be propped up then the baskets slot in to bring thewhole cart together. It’s sturdy and the wheels allow it to be moved around.

Mesh basket tiered cart top view

4. Clear plastic boxes

I’ve reused a couple of clear plastic boxes, that used to hold exercise books, for keeping the majority of scrap fabrics I have at home.

These boxes are great as you can see which fabrics are in them without having to get everything out to look for a specific one.

5. Decorative boxes

Pretty boxes make great storage solutions and adds colour to any space.

My favourite ones have got to be the butterfly printed ones 😍

The round, wood patterned ones are a close second too! I can’t remember where I got these from but they have been great for storing a collection of pine cones, gift bows and some scrap fabric.

If you would like to get some patterned boxes for yourself, check out Amazon, The Works, TK Maxx home section, WH Smith, Card Factory, Clintons, Wilko…so many places sell them now!

6. Collapsible crates

As you may remember from one of my first posts, about what I consider when wrapping gifts, I often upcycle used boxes for presenting gifts.

for this reason, I have quite a collection of boxes, jars, bags, randomtrays, baskets, tins etc.

I’ve kept these together in two collapsible crates.

Collapsible crates with boxes

This may sound like I’m hoarding, but you never know when you might need anold tin that used to contain loose-leaf tea or a sturdy (and sadly, empty) chocolate box!

7. Glass jars and pen pots

Pen pots don’t have to be just for pens! I used them for keepingscissors and glitter glues as well as Sharpie pens and coloured pencils.

Glass jars and Mason jars are a great way of storing and organizing materials.I love how I can see all the colours of the beads, lollipop sticks anddecorative feathers through these jars.  Theyadd a little pop of colour to my creative space.

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