How I refreshed and organised my craft space

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It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted on here! I’m so happy to be returning with a little spring in my step! We’re finally having beautiful bright mornings (on most days) and these extra few minutes of sunshine/daylight in the evenings now.

With the dawn of spring, I wanted to finally organise my craft corner. I was working out of piles of boxes and crates of materials and often found it impossible to find what I needed.

So, I decided to really motivate myself and began organising my craft space in February. I’m sharing this with the hope that you might find inspiration for your spring cleaning or for different ways to sort through your crafting space.

I’ve been umming and arrhing about posting the ‘before’ photo of the state of my craft corner. This is a space my sister and I shared and built on for many years. Although this got a ‘tidy up’ every now and then, we haven’t ever properly sorted through our treasure trove of craft goodies.

So…here goes…This is what the craft corner used to look like…

The state of this space is enough to make any crafter squirm and grit their teeth right?!

Has anyone out there ever let their creative space get as wild as this one?

If you do have an unruly creative corner/room to tame, start by pulling everything out and dividing them up into categories. When I did this, I was aiming to categorise the materials into different craft – even though I am sharing gift wrapping adventures with you, I am into all sorts of crafts and creative hobbies.

Here are the categories I came up with:

  • Gift wrapping essentials – wrapping paper, gift tags, ribbons, reusable gift bags, coloured tissue, embellishments for various occasions
  • Reusable containers I keep for gift wrapping – cardboard boxes, empty chocolate boxes, tea caddies, glass bottles, mason jars
  • Card making – blank cards, embellishments for cards, envelopes
  • Painting – water colour paints, acrylic paints, paint brushes, palettes
  • Sewing – fabric scissors, thread, needles, materials, cross-stitching accessories, fabric, fabric scraps
  • Jewellery making – beads, threads, needles, necklace clasps, earring hooks
  • Props to use in taking photos – backdrops, additional props to be used to style photos
  • Coloured paper and card – including patterned paper
  • Craft tools – Paper trimmers, scissors,
  • Stationary – Coloured pencils, Sharpie pens, rulers, pens, pencils, tape, glue, glue dots,
  • Other accessories – stickers, sequins, die cutout shapes, pompoms, feathers
  • Collaborative projects

You can go with any categories that match what you have to organise really.

Once you have your categories, it’s time to decide what you want to keep and what could really do with being recycled or given to charity. Let’s face it, crafters tend to hoard so much stuff thinking it will all become useful at some point! And that could be true with some things. For example, I have a growing stock of used boxes and containers to be used for presenting gifts in.

Just be honest and strict with yourself to let go of things you really don’t need!

The great thing about this method of organising is, it doesn’t have to be limited to organising your craft corner. You could use it for organising your clothes, books, kitchen items…

After creating my categories, it took me a full week to sort through all of the things. While I was doing this, I was constantly thinking about how i wanted to store everything.

It’s a good idea to first look at what you have and figuring out if the storage solutions, you have already, can be re-used. I ended up using some of what I had already and ordering a few items to really make this feel like my crafting area.

Now, the craft area is clean, tidy and easily accessible 😀

I purchased 2 storage trolleys and a tiered mesh basket cart for organising a majority of the crafty goods.

Have you have a spring clean so far in 2019? Tag me using @hazzyscreations over on Instagram if you have revamped your craft spaces/rooms. I’d love to see how you organised yourself 🙂

This multi-drawer cabinet is amazing for organising lots of small items!

Check-in with me over on the next post for a close-up of my favourite storage solutions from my creative space 🙂 x

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