Valentine’s Gift Wrapping: handmade wrapping paper

Black heart sticker gift wrapping paper with roll of twine

So it’s the night before Valentine’s day 2019. Valentine’s Eve – is that even a thing??? And you might just be thinking “I still need to wrap my gift, ready for tomorrow. HELP!!”

Not to worry though! I have a another little Valentine’s gift wrapping idea that might just help you out!

Remember the little black heart stickers I used in the first Valentine’s gift wrapping blog post? These gave me an idea – to make my own wrapping paper!

All you will need for this is

  • A piece of blank paper – large enough to cover your gift.
  • A clear, long ruler.
  • A set of small stickers of your choice – I’ve used my cute black heart stickers.

  1. First, lay out the paper on a flat surface.
  2. Line up your ruler at angle to the paper – like I’ve done in the photo above
  3. Stick down your stickers at a preferred distance apart from each other.
  4. Once you finish one line move the ruler down – making sure to leave equal spacing between the lines – and stick down hearts along this next line.

I’ve tried to go for equal spacing between the hearts as I wanted a neat and orderly result. However, if you’re going for a more relaxed looking wrapping paper, you can put down the stickers in any way you like – you won’t even need to use a ruler if this is what you’d like.

You’ll also notice that as I reach the edges, I have stuck down hearts but folded them over. I felt like this gave my wrapping paper a professional feel – as though it was printed and a piece of it was cut just for a particular gift 😊

I see this gift wrap being paired up with some natural twine and perhaps some dried flowers. 💐

These dried roses were from a beautiful collection of roses I received for my birthday last year 😊 After admiring their beauty for a few days, I knew I wanted to dry them for some craft ideas.


I hope you have fun making your own gift wrapping paper x

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