I never thought that I’d catch this lovebug again…

Black heart sticker roll and red heart chocolate

Aahh the lovebug! It’s around this time of year when we see front of shop displays covered in red helium balloons, hearts, soft toys bearing heart cushions and the card shops are brimming with lovey dovey cards. And pretty soon you’ll see loved-up couples canoodling in cute little coffee shops with a twinkle in their eyes and rosey cheeks…they’ve got that love bug.

It’s also that time of year when partners feel compelled to buy yet more expensive gifts to show their love to the person they’re in a relationship with.

Perhaps by now you think I’m cynical about Love and Valentines’ Day. This is so not the case! 🙂 Love should be celebrated. Whether it is love for a partner, friend, family member…a pet (?). I just don’t believe in the need for one single (commercialised) day of the whole year, dedicated to celebrating Love.

If you love someone, you should let it be known as often as possible – in my opinion. Even if you tell them 10 times a day, make them feel the love you have for them through small actions. And if you can do that, then you have something very special 🙂

So let’s put my personal opinion aside and come back to reality… I did a little digging around for Valentines’ gift wrapping ideas to share with you today.

This little idea came to me after hearing a sweet song by The Jonas Brothers. Yes, yes I can hear what you’re thinking! “Jonas Brothers were soooo from the American Teen crushes era.” But there was a time when my sister and I LOVED the Jonas Brothers.

So, their song – “Love bug” – inspired today’s gift wrapping.

Listening to this song made me think about lady birds. And about how they might look cool on top of a Valentines’ Day gift. Cute little bugs aren’t they? Did you know that some are poisonous?!

So here’s how I made it:

1.I began by creating the body of the lady bird using red card and its head using black card.

2. Then the limbs were all made from twisted floral wire wrapped in black fire-retardant tape. In hindsight, black crafting tape would have been more appropriate for this but I went with the materials in my craft corner.

3. I fixed the limbs in place using glue dots.

4. Then added the details in a silver marker and a black marker.

5. Finally, I substituted the infamous black spots with black heart stickers.

Why stop at a lady bird? You could make a butterfly or a giraffe or any other animal that makes you think of your significant other.

I had a go at making this tortoise whilst I was making the ladybird. How adorable is he?!

These were super quick and easy to make! I think I need to work on making the edges of my shapes a little neater though! Will you guys be trying these for your Valentine? Let me know if you do, I’d love to see them.

Remember to keep your recipient in mind and think about what they would like if you decide to create these for topping your Valentine’s gift x

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