Top Ten Tips For Gift Wrapping

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When a special occasion comes around, we might want to give a gift to celebrate that occasion. We might put a lot of thought into either hand crafting or buying a present for a loved one. Then you might go ahead and decide to place that thoughtful gift in a shop-bought gift bag to make life easier for yourself.

Now, don’tget me wrong here, there are some BEAUTIFUL gift bags out there… glittery/floral/ butterfly ones usually catch my eyes.

All in all, I prefer to wrap a gift and take the time to consider all kinds of things about the person the gift is for.

Here are some of the factors I take into consideration:

1. Who is it for?

Knowing who the gift is for helps to start the creative journey of wrapping their gift. Is it for a family member? A sibling? A parent? A significant other? A friend? A colleague? For a group? All these things help to set the mood for the rest of what I put together.

2. What do they like?

Once I know who it is for, I consider what their likes and preferences might be. So this can include hobbies, interests, animals they might like or film characters.

3. Any colour preferences?

Whilst I’m not a fan of focusing on gender specific colours – pink for female and blue for male – at times it’s nice to go back to these colours as a colour scheme for the wrapping. Of course if the person has a favourite colour, I try to incorporate that colour – especially if it is their birthday!

4. What’s the occasion?

We give gifts for all kinds of occasions – Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentine’s day, Easter, Get Well Soon, Engagements, Weddings, Good Luck etc. So whatever the occasion, it’s important to factor in aspects of this. The occasion might dictate the type of embellishments or ribbons I decide to use on the gift.

I’ll show you some ideas to fit a variety of occasions in future posts.

5. What sort of paper do I want to use for a base?

There are so many types of wrapping paper out there now, it can be tricky to choose the best one for the job! My thinking is to go with what feels right for the occasion and whatever fits your budget.

My all time favourite is brown paper though. In some countries this gem of a material is known as parcel paper and I love it for is versatility!

In some cases, gift wrap tissue might be the better option instead of gift wrap paper. For instance, when you want to wrap a bottle. Sometimes cellophane is pretty useful too.

6. Ribbons? Twine? Or other embellishments?

Ribbons are a fantastic way to give a simple,yet beautiful, finishing touch to any gift. I often use curling ribbon to topgifts. I also mix and match curling ribbon with other types of ribbons tocreate a dramatic look.

As an alternative to ribbon, I also love to use twine. Paired-up with brown paper, you can create a simple and authentic look for a gift.

If I am not feeling using ribbons, I might use little trinkets or ornaments that fit the occasion and the person receiving thegift.

7. Does it need a gift tag?

My presents don’t always have gift tags. However, if I know that the gift is going to be left in a place with many others’ gifts, I make sure to stick a tag on the gift. The tag gets tied into the ribbon topper or gets stuck to the top of the gift.

8. Do I need to box the gift?

Sometimes I purchase gifts that don’t already come in a box or container. So I either purchase or make a box fitting the gift.

Then again, there are occasions where I might use baskets or a variety of other containers to present the gift.

9. Does that box need to be covered for aesthetic reasons?

In my craft corner I tend to keep a stock of all kinds of random containers and boxes. Yes, yes, I am a hoarder of things that may not be of any use to anyone else! But for me, it a is treasure troveof amazing possibilities!

So if I purchase a gift that doesn’t come with a box, I try to upcycle from my box collection.

10. Finally, will I be giving the gift personally or will it be posted out?

Although I have written about this as the last thing I consider, this is often one of the first things I think about. Before I even wrap a present, I know if I will give the gift personally or if I will have to post it out to them.

If I wrap a gift to be posted out to someone, I always make ssure that the item is safe inside the packaging. I do this by using bubble wrap for fragile items or I make sure to write ‘FRAGILE’ in big letters on the outer packaging.

So there you have it, ten things I think about when I am wrapping a gift.

I truly believe the gift receiver feels so much more excited about a gift if it has been wrapped well. I personally LOVE receiving well wrapped gifts – and tend to get super excited about it even before I have found out what’s inside 🙂 x

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